Coaxial Cable

DVBC(ETSI EN300429)and ITU J.83 Annex A/B/C

  • Fast signal lock, the time shorter than 100ms

  • Enhanced FEC decoder with RS erasure

  • High Performance DFE with long feed forward and feedback taps, sufficient to remove the ISI generated by the worst-case coaxial cable

  • Self identification and suppression of the impulse interference generating by household appliances

  • Robust AM-Hum performance, suitable for signal jitter due to the power frequency

  • Suitable for the coaxial cable system of China, North America, India and othe region

DVBC2(ETSI EN302769)and ITU I.382

  • Multiple Transport Stream and Generic Stream Encapsulatio

  • Outside GI improvement , sufficient for long echo generated by the worst-case coaxial cable


Power Line

HiSilicon PLC-IOT solution has already been successfully applied to smart grid, energy management, electric vehicles and charging stations.

  • Up to 2Mbps UDP speed

  • Low power consumption and cost-effective

  • Suitable for China, Africa, the Middle East and other regions of the powerline environment with strong anti noise, long distance transmission capability.

HiSilicon G.Hn PLC technique focuses on providing smart home communication solutions over power line, it uses OFDM techniques, for its nature advantages over selective-fading channels and rapidly changing noises, different subcarriers may have different schemes of constellation according to the channel condition for robust communication.

  • Support up to 800Mbps physical layer rate and 500Mbps with loads

  • Support network with up to 16 nodes, domain master can be allocated in both dynamic and static sense

  • Intelligently manage all nodes within the network

  • Intelligently recognize neighboring network and cancel its noise and interference

  • Dynamically track the variation of channel and adapt the rate accordingly

  • Lower power consumption and cost-effective




  • Extremely low power consumption, making mobile devices more durable connections possible.

  • Excellent performance,away from flickering and weak signals

  • Higher bandwidth, wireless bearer large video era


  • Fully compliance with GB20600-2006 (DTMB) supporting all 330 broadcasting modes

  • Fully compliance with requirements of the GB/T20683,20686-2016 standards


  • Support IP transport

  • High performance LDPC decoder of ATSC3.0

  • Layer Division Multiplexing(LDM)

  • Hiperformance DFE with long feed forward and feedback taps, sufficient to remove the ISI generated by worst-case terrestrial channel


  • High performance LDPC decoder of DVBT2

  • Enhanced FEC decoder of DVBT & ISDBT, C/N performance improvement

  • Outside GI improvement for SFN

  • High performance in time varying channel



DVB-S2(ETSI EN302307-1)/DVB-S(ETSI EN300421)/DirecTV

  • Symbol rate up to 60M/S

  • Support more Modulation scheme up to 32APSK

  • High performance LDPC decoder,C/N performance improvement

  • Support Diseqc 2.x and Unicable 2.0

  • Multiple Transport Stream and Generic Stream Encapsulation, support data application other than broadcast

  • Fast blind scan, short time consuming for scan the TP

  • Robust trace performance of the phase noise and impulse interference

  • High Performance DFE with long feed forward and feedback taps, sufficient to remove the ISI generated by the coax linking the LNB and RF

DVB-S2X(ETSI EN302307-2)

  • Smaller roll-off options of 5% and 10%

  • New constellation options for linear and non-linear channels

  • Support Channel bonding

  • Extension of modulation and coding modes


Optical transmission technology


  • Industry-leading access portfolio with multimode PON technology. Increase WAN bandwidth to 10GEPON, XGPON1, XGS-PON and NGPON2. Also support backwards standard with EPON, GPON. Effectively address in HGU, SFU and SBU application.

  • Powerful Quad core ARM CPU to satisfy any scenario by customer requirement.

  • Highest density of integration to provide GE/XGE PHY, PCIE, USB, SATA, SDIO, Voice.

  • Line rate forwarding capability even in minimum packet size.

  • High precision sync-clock with PTP supporting.

  • Richest OAM features including 802.1ag, 802.3ah, Y.1731, RFC2544, Y.1564 and IP-FPM. Increase the maintenance efficiency and decrease the cost.


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